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Below is a database of individuals who make up the network of Indigenous ministry in Alberta. Some individuals who have a Canada-wide scope, rather than just Alberta-wide, are included because they have a significant impact on Indigenous ministry in Alberta.

This information is provided so that users can gain an understanding of who's who in the world of Indigenous ministry. If desired, users can also use this directory to contact the individuals within. Directory members have given their permission to do so. It is the responsibility of the user to determine who to contact and how to contact them. Please be respectful in your interactions, and only contact an individual if it is appropriate to do so (for instance, do not email the director of an organization you are wishing to volunteer for. It would be better to find the appropriate contact information for this on the organization's website).

To note, not all entries are complete, as we could not secure contact information for all known individuals. These people are still included in order to give the fullest picture possible of who is around in the world of Indigenous ministry.

SIMA Public Database

Provision of contact information

This directory contains contact information for individuals involved in evangelical Indigenous ministry in Alberta/Canada. Contact information is only provided in one of two circumstances: a) the information was already publicly available, or b) the individual gave explicit permission and indicated what contact information they wanted to be listed. The list is meant to include all or close to all prominent figures in the field of Indigenous ministry in Alberta, so some individuals are included without contact info. Entry in this directory does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation of the ministry or viewpoints of the individuals included. If you are included in this database and would like to be removed from it, please email