The SIMA Project began as a digital heritage collection initiative. Although this later expanded to include elements of networking, writing, and research, the collection and accessibility of heritage information remains central to our purpose. Access one of the collections below to see what primary records and resources are available to you:

The first collection is the main digital heritage collection, which consists of digital objects relating to the history of indigenous ministry in Alberta. We do not own any of these objects, but rather provide a directory of links to where the objects can be found in their original location. If you are looking for primary historical sources, prayer guides, reports, or any other useful resources on indigenous ministry, this is a good place to start!

Next is an annotated bibliography of books relating to indigenous ministry, primarily focusing on Albertan and evangelical material, as well as a short description of what each book is about. If you are wanting to do some reading in indigenous ministry, this is a good place to start!

Finally, we have put together a guide to assist anyone doing academic research on Indigenous ministry. This provides a list of useful subject headings, author names to look for, and a guide to browsing library shelves for materials on the topic.